Lickin Lizard Ice Cream
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The Scoop

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…began through a family of three’s love of homemade ice cream and spending family time outdoors. Which led to our quest to share our love and bring an ice cream shop to our hometown. A local spot where you can run into your neighbors, celebrate with your family, play games with your friends or just treat yourself. The journey started in 2012 with months of developing recipes, sampling chocolates, vanillas, nuts and many other ingredients. The one thing we soon realized … they are not all equal. One by one we selected the best of the best to create our premium artisan ice creams.

Our Ice Creams

The cold, hard delicious truth: we are kind of obsessed with ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but the kind that is thick, creamy and full of flavor as it melts in your mouth. Homemade ice cream that is made with only the freshest sweetened cream, local (when available) fruits and the finest chocolates, caramels and nuts. Only the best ingredients will make the best ice creams!

Our Bases, Mix-Ins and Swirls

Almost all of our bases, mix-ins and swirls are made in house from scratch. We spend as much time peeling, mixing, baking, roasting and cutting as we do churing. From our pecan pies, cakes and gooey bars to our chocolate, strawberry and orange pineapple bases to our strawberry and fudge swirls: we create it all in our kitchen and fold it into our ice creams.

Our Community

We strive to create the kind of company that is fun to support, work for and partner with. We’re all about building a strong local community by purchasing local products as much as possible.


Our family has grown to a family of four and you will find each of us working daily churning, baking, scooping and many other day to day duties. Our menu has evolved to include some of our scratch made bakery and dessert items. We are also thrilled to announce our expansion sister company “Lickin Lizard Artisan Ice Creams & Desserts” opening Spring 2018! Lickin Lizard is a mobile ice cream and dessert shop that will give us the opportunity to bring our homemade treats to more areas! At the end of the day, we just hope you love our ice creams and desserts!